Analogue media such as video tapes, audio tapes, LPs and even photos, slides and negatives deteriorate in storage due to moisture, sunlight, extreme temperatures and magnetic fields.

-Video and audio tapes stretch and lose quality every time they are played. 

-Grooves in vinyl records become worn and records scratch easily.

-Colours in photos, negatives and slides will continuously fade. 



The march of time is unstoppable........


We can protect these priceless memories or irreplaceable material by converting them from Video Tape, Audiotape, LP, Photos, Negatives and Slides to Digital Media (DVD or CD).

-These discs can then be played on any DVD player – no more hunting for VCR players that have become scarce and unreliable.

-Your memories will be protected in a digital format on DVD or CD for several decades.


-You can make your own perfect copies every time – your media will not look like a copy of a copy.

- Your memories will no longer deteriorate with time or usage.


The longer you delay the more the memories fade.......